Extending Note Tablet Expands Its Screen Surface, Won the Red Dot Design Award in 2011

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We have a winning tablet concept to show you, the Extending Note, created by Kim Hyung Geun. This device won the 2011 red dot design award and now let’s see what it’s all about. This slate uses two modules stacked together, that can slide to the side and give the tablet a megascreen.

There’s also solar charging on its specs list and an OLED display. Anodized aluminium is used for the case and the virtual keyboard on the device looks very comfortable. The screen here is a flexible OLED actually, adapted into a solar cell, so the Extending Note will charge directly through the screen. To me the design here is a bit rough and it looks more like a tablet for productivity purposes, used on construction sites and stuff like that. I can see there’s a card slot here, WiFi, some buttons on the side and I’m sure there’s also a HDMI port in the mix.

Having seen yesterday iPads that can become one with magnets, this sliding tablet that expands its screen doesn’t quite surprise me. Is the future about connecting your devices into a bigger unit?

[via Yanko Design]