Orbital Phone is a Single Hand Phone for Disabled Users

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Here we are with a device meant for people who can’t use both their hands: Orbital Phone. Created by Patricia Tait, Mario Garza, Richard Williams III and Mary-Anna Bowen, this mobile phone is designed for people with disabilities and its form factor fits a lifestyle that’s different from the usual phone owner.

The special design must create a certain balance and accessibility for a user that only relies on one hand for smartphone input. The ergonomic design involves a hourglass frame, that makes the unit easier to hold and work with, only relying on a single frame. You can use the device from either end, so it doesn’t matter how you grab it.

You also get dual microphone and speakers, one at each end, plus there’s a flexible finger loop at the back. This one keeps the device glued to your palm, so you’ll never drop it. You can also rotate the handset in your hand through the same loop. No info on touch interface on this handset, but that’s pretty likely.

[via Designbuzz]