Plica Concept Phone is Two Times the iPhone

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We’ve seen iPhone rivals, but never so hot looking and promising. The Plica concept phone was designed by James Piatt and comes with 2 touchscreens that manage to offer the user a bigger and more comfortable interface, compared to the one on the iPhone.


It might remind you of the Nintendo DS, but you should notice that the screens are able to work together as a single display, adding up to the browsing experience. Also, you can choose to set up one display as the virtual keyboard and the other as the standard screen.

The neat thing is that Plica dual touchscreen phone works great even when half of it is used, as a phone and Internet device. We can even start calling this thing a mini-laptop and in the end it’s maybe worth mentioning that its USB and headphone jack are placed in the double hinge.



[via Tuvie]