21th Century Concept Music Phones, Designed by Marianne Bailey and Yves Plattard

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Searching for concept phones on Flickr I stumbled upon these superb devices, which can be seen at the KDDI Design Center exhibition. Most of the concepts were designed by Marianne Bailey, but enough talking and let’s feast our eyes with these musical instruments/phones.


Don’t quite get the musicality of the device above, but the one below seems to turn into some sort of portable piano with pretty large keys. Sweet!


The phone below can be used as a blowing instrument and it seems to be accompanied by a couple of accessories that turn it into a real musical instrument.


Last but not least comes this cube-shaped handset, yet another puzzling device with musical functions I can’t figure out. Right now, I’m looking forward to seeing a band using such neat “instruments”.


Update: Here’s what Marianne Bailey said about the concepts:

“Please note “Sticks in the air” (drums) “Box to Play” (sampler) “Band in your pocket” (musical instrument attachments) and “Key to touch” (Piano were designed by Marianne Bailey. “Trio in your hand” (Sampler) and “Strings for your fingers” were designed by Yves Plattard. Both in-house designers for Yamaha Product Design Laboratory.

Btw. Band in your pocket (mobile with different musical attachment hardware effectors) you sing into the top and it changes your voice into the instrument of your choice. So expression in your singing voice already good expression with the hardware effector to add that extra touch of realism. The working prototype changes your voice to a trumpet! :)

The “stick mobile” joins together to make one mobile phone and can be split to play “air drums” while you wait for that bus ;) Also useful for checking a number, diary while chatting.”

[found on Flickr]