P-One Revolutionary Phone is Meant to Increase Literacy

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Designed by Bilal Khan from Pakistan, the P-One is a revolutionary handset concept, that uses an atypical form factor and includes the tip of a pen in its body. The device is shaped more like an USB drive than a phone and it includes a circle in the middle of the body, that I’m guessing has customizable tasks.

pone 1

The P-One phone does handwriting recognition and it comes with messaging features, FM radio plus modules that can be attached to it. From what I can see the modules are inserted within the circular middle area. You can also add a crank charger for SOS calls, so you can crank up the device and juice it up for more power.

pone 2

This also feels like a thermometer because of its shape, but it’s finally something different from all those other handsets out there. This concept phone is actually being developed at the IT university Lahore, Pakistan, apparently. It’s aimed at the local needs and for the illiterate community, that can benefit from it.

These are initial mockups.

pone 3

pone 4

pone 5

[via Behance]

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