Sandwich Phone is a Multi-functional Device, Rotating at 360 Degrees

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If you’re looking for a handset that’s also a camera, MP3 player and more, the “Sandwich Phone” concept, created by South Korean designer Yeongwoo Kim is it. As its name says, the device is based on layers, just like a sandwich and each of them is associated to different functions.

We’re dealing with a multifunctional phone, that includes the features of a normal phone, an MP3 player and camera, in 3 separated layers. The interesting part comes now: the layers are able to rotate on an axis of 360 degrees.

This makes the device look like an e-book reader of sorts and inside the axis you’ll find the rechargeable battery, speaker and a headphone slot. The purpose of the Sandwich Phone? Reducing clutter in your pocket.

[via The Design Blog]