Scan the World Around You With an Advanced Mobile Search Device

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I sure wish this concept were real! Imagine using an ultra-slim mobile device which basically includes a touchscreen, Internet support, a many megapixel camera and a scanner. Wi-Fi connectivity would also be on the feature list, plus Google Maps/Google Earth support and the classic google search. This cool concept was designed by Mac Funamizu.


With the aid of this revolutionary device you would be able to “scan” a building just like good old Mister Terminator and see all the search results related to it on the handset’s display. Just touch a part of the image you’re seeing and you’ll read details about it, be it a bug, a car, a restaurant or a hot girl. See the calories of the food you’re about to eat, search a famous author online and most of all NEVER get lost again.

Just hope that Mac Funamizu’s work will be turned into a real device, preferably by the folks of Google and their OHA partners. Would you like to use such an universal scanner/cellphone?

[via newlaunches]


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