Samsung Gaming Phone Takes on the N-Gage and PSP Phone

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Still recovering from the shock of almost seeing a real PSP Phone here, we stumble upon yet another piece of info announcing a gaming cellphone. This time we’re dealing with a patent showing a Samsung device, surprisingly enough a clamshell that has nothing to do with the PSP Phone or any N-Gage-based handset.


Forget the and any attempt at turning phones into real gaming devices, as Samsung’s got a new idea and a cool patent. This clamshell features an inner display that’s not fixed, being able to swing and reveal a set of gaming controls. That leaves enough room for an extra speaker and allows gamers to play in landscape mode, if portrait doesn’t do it for them.

Ergonomics and control are surely going to be a problem in the case of this device… I can’t see myself handling the control system easily and I bet that the fragile display will at some point get broken, since you can toy with it so much. What’s your take on this patent?

[via unwiredview]