Scarlat-Buzilan Phown Smartphone Concept Made by a Romanian Team (Video)

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It’s been a while since we saw an original concept phone and now here we have it! Dubbed the Scarlat Buzilan Phown, this is a concept phone made by a Romanian team that includes the journalist Dan Scarlat and the architects Anca and Claudiu Buzilan. Phown uses a sleek, clean and premium design, with a metallic rim and a 5 inch edge to edge display.


The main feature of the phone is a rotating main camera, at 60, 120 and 180 degrees, plus this handset is also highly customizable, thanks to the interchangeable back panel. This model seems to run Android with an unique interface and it reminds me just a bit of a Nokia Lumia phone, except for that cool camera area. The Phown features a customized back panel, that changes the way you interact with the phone. The camera module on the smartphone includes the LED flash, that can stay lit for the whole duration of the video call.


The back panel of the device can be embossed more or less, depending on the user’s choice. Phown’s frame is metallic and it prides itself with structural rigidity and with a premium look. Just like the designer says, this model reminds you of luxury wrist watches. The Scarlat-Buzilan team mentions that this model features a new generation quad core processor, a Full HD 5 inch touchscreen, 32 GB of memory and an 8 megapixel camera. There’s also a speculated price of 500 euros for this newcomer.

How does this Romanian phone design sound to you?


[via Phown]