Senior Phones Rendered as Bracelet and Basic Monochrome Handset

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Designed by an entire team of experts and designers, the following senior phones are original pieces of work intended for the elderly users. One of them is bracelet, a sci fi looking one, with a very minimalistic UI and the other is a monochrome handset shaped like the figure 8.

senior phone concept 1

The first bracelet is made of hypoallergenic materials, most likely and its display is seamless and very easily readable, in black and white. The body of the smartwatch is curved and it also includes a slightly lit Home button of sorts. The phone shown in the last image below also features a minimal UI and I’d say it’s based on E Ink technology, if I were to speculate again.

senior phone concept 2

All we have is speculations, since the designers didn’t reveal any details about the devices. The creators of the concepts are  Prof. Wang Yan, Prof. Zhang Yan, Fan Jiayu, Li Yajun, Liu Jianjun, Wang Shenyuan & Xue Lijuan. The phone is ergonomically shaped, has a curved front side and a numeric keypad shown.

senior phone concept 3

[via Yanko Design]

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