Sgnl Lets You Make Phone Calls Using Your Fingertip (Video)

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We’re still looking towards a future that includes viable wearables, but for now the segment seems to be stagnating. The future may well belong to unusual formats, such as the Sgnl concept shown below. This model is available on Kickstarter and it has already been funded enough to make it to the market.


It’s basically a smart strap, that lets the user make calls by placing the fingertip to the ear. You can connect with your watch and make the system work easily. One will simply need to replace the existing watch strap with Sgnl and then they’re all done. Varied compatibility is promised, even if it’s an Apple Wach, Samsung Gear or Pebble Time we’re talking about.

The cellphone can stay in the pocket or backpack and it’ll be linked to the Sgnl, in order for you to take calls, without carrying an extra headset or earphone. Placing the finger to your ear transmits the sound and blocks the background noise. The body acts as a conduction unit for the sound and Sgnl generates vibration through the Body Conduction Unit, that transmits the vibration via the hand towards the fingertip.


The vibration echoes to create amplified sound that reaches the closed space of the ear. There’s also a Sgnl app in the mix, working to make the user better organized and healthier. The accessory charges in 1 hour, has 7 days of standby and 4 hours of talk time. The basic model is priced at $139.

Nifty video by TechDesigns (Mesut G. Designs) below:





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