Sony PSi (PlayStation Interactive), the Future of Console Gaming

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You might have already realized that we like consoles a lot, portable ones specially, but we’ll have to do with a “fixed” gaming device every once in a while. This time we’ve uncovered the Sony PSi concept console, also known as the PlayStation Interactive, a design created by Anh Nguyen.


The device comes with wand-like motion controllers, probably inspired by the motion control system showcased by Sony at E3 2009. We have to admit that the console design isn’t really impressive, but these “wands” are pretty cool, specially since they support fitness games, by allowing work out fanatics to add weights.

Various other accessories are available, like musical instruments, tug ‘o’ war, retractable wrist straps, integrated microphones and much more. Viable or simply a concept?




[via Yanko Design]