Triple Flip Windows Phone 7 Smartphone Boasts an Original Chassis

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Windows Phone 7 devices have the tendency of adopting unoriginal designs, but this may change if handsets like the concept below become real. Created by schultzeworks, this is a triple flip phone with multiple keypads. One touch is enough to open the device, that aside from the lateral keypads, also includes a bigger QWERTY one.

21 programmable buttons and the full screen in landscape mode will provide a great gaming experience. Video calls and HDMI/DLNA connectivity are also among the specs of this flip phone. There’s a mini HDMI port onboard, as well as a solar charging panel and a 2000 x 1000 (2:1) HD touchscreen.

Forward stereo cameras with flash will handle the photo and video capture, but you can learn more about this device by checking out the video below. Will a triple flip phone make it out there?


[via wmpoweruser]