Ubuntu Shine is an Open Source Mobile Covered in Gold

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Here’s another piece of work by Terrillo Walls, this time a smartphone based on Ubuntu. Dubbed the Ubuntu Shine, the device is also pretty special and precious, as it uses gold plating for its back cover. On the front side there’s a super high resolution AMOLED display.

Under the hood we learn that Terrillo imagined an NVIDIA Tegra 2 mobile GPU and possibly lots of RAM and ROM. This incredibly thin device looks promising and keeps the design typical for the man behind the project (large touchscreen, very thin device, minimalistic look).

[Thanks Terrillo]

  • Jack

    what an absolute joke of a concept, looks like it was drawn and sketched by a 3 yar old in less than 2 minutes. You want honest opinions, the latest 2 concepts on this site have been dreary and awful, these are nothing more than bling and child art, an insult to children’s art who could come up with something much much better than this! Made up specs like NVIDIA2 and ROM are JUST words to pepper this god awful concept, pictures (PROFESSIONAL ART) demonstrating it’s abilities, OR IT DIDN’T HAPPEN, simple as.

    Seriously concept-phones.com, your standards are getting lower each time with a new showing, you either show off what the site is intended for, ie: concept -phones (and not gimmick ‘art’/non functional phones that have ugly shapes) or lose viewers each time and face a boycott. The lack of ratings or low ratings below 3 stars SHOULD be an indication of where your site is going.