The Verge Pocket PC is Basically a PC In Your Pocket

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The project made by Mauricio Romano started off as a way to make a device emanate less heat and turned a smartphone into a powerful PC. The designer wanted to merge together distinct technologies, industries and devices.

Verge Pocket PC concept 1

He took the MP3 players, laptops, tablets and smartphones and fused them into The Verge Pocket PC. The resulting device feels a bit like the Amazon Fire Phone design-wise, but it’s much more powerful. With Android at its core, this model can be docked and it starts running Windows and becomes a full fledged PC. From what I can see in the sketches, the dock projects the UI and input area on a table and offers a laptop-like experience.

Verge Pocket PC concept 2

The Verge uses a sapphire glass bonded Quad HD LCD display and a machined aluminum chassis. It has a structural heat spreader and LTE is included in the mix, as well as a machined aluminum backplate and a polycarbonate antenna window. The dock bundled with it is very elegant and discrete, sort of like the docks supplied for the Nexus tablets.

It has a bunch of USB and HDMI ports, as well as Ethernet, being basically the hub for your “Verge PC”. Great idea, I have to say!

Verge Pocket PC concept 3

Verge Pocket PC concept 4

Verge Pocket PC concept 5

[via Behance]

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