Watch Dogs ctOS Phone Gets Rendered With… Metro Code

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Watch Dogs is a very popular game nowadays and its idea of having smartphones tap into the “system” and unlock doors, lift road bridges and work cranes and cameras has really caught on. Now there’s a ctOS concept phone here, created by Deviantart user MetroUI.

ctos phone 1

As the name of the designer says, we’re dealing with a Microsoft related piece of work here, with tiles at the core. The thing is that these tiles are prettier than the Windows Phone ones and better spaced for one thing. In the background of this ctOS phone you can see that nifty pixelization/glitchy effect from the game with ripples of Xes and zeros floating around.

By the way, for those of you who don’t know, ctOS is the entire software system used in Chicago, in the game Watch Dogs. Everything electronic is controlled by it and there are core access points that you must hack to gain more access. You can also jump from one camera to the other just by spotting them. The future is scary… Would you like such a hacker phone, maybe with a Ded Sec logo on it?

ctos phone 2

[via Deviantart]

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