New Watch Phone Designs Feature Flexible AMOLED Touchscreens

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One of the designers we have come to know and appreciate, Liam Quinn has just sent us a few renders of his brand new concept watch phones. Although the devices don’t have names yet, we know that Liam created 3 models: a low end unit that slides around the wrist, a mid end watch phone and a high end handset.


All of these concept handsets run a version of the LG watch phone OS and they incorporate a touch keypad, front facing camera and a flexible AMOLED touchscreen display. iChat is installed on the three devices and you should also know that they’re made out of a flexible, rubberised material, that can flatten itself or warp its body, delivering messages, phone calls or alerts.

The watch phones pictured in this article support induction charging and syncing, plus they all use Bluetooth technology for headsets and other connection. We’ll be back soon with another one of Liam’s projects, the ORB OS, a pretty interesting idea of an operating system and interface.



[Thanks Liam]