Siemens Gigaset Eco Visions Concept Designs, as Environmentally Friendly as it Gets

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It’s been a while since the last handset, hasn’t it? Formwelt design studio is ready to introduce us to its newest concept phones, designed for Siemens, the Solar and Leaf projects. They’re part of the Gigaset Eco Visions series and can be considered the greenest handsets we’ve seen lately.


Solar is the concept phone you can see above, a solar powered device that comes with a thin and sleek design. It’s made out of light materials (light metal, eco plastic and glass) and it features a touch-sensitive OLED display.

Leaf is available below, as you might have guessed, in green colour and it comes with the same features and form factor as the Solar handset. Also, the phone uses haptic technology and these 2 “green” goodies will probably make it to the winners’ list at the Red Dot Design Awards 2008. More details about these products over here.


[via Cameraphonesplaza]