Alcatel Stylish Clamshell Phone Designs, Revealed by Eric Xialei

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Alcatel still lives, although the brand doesn’t release many phones these days. Thankfully, we have some concepts of Alcatel clamshell handsets to look at, courtesy of designer Eric Xialei. He created the following stylish devices pictured below:

The Alcatel concept phone you can see above is a stylish piece of work, with an unique shape and chrome finish. The handset is based on a simple design and it comes with a 2 megapixel camera, music keys and an OLED display.

There’s also the Chonos design, shown below, with an user-friendly design and incredibly easy access to music features. Bluetooth is also on board and these two classy Alcatel devices sure look promising, so let’s hope they become real.

[Thanks Eric]