Freescale Tablet Concept Focused on Multimedia and Audio Features

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Here’s a device that will have the DJs excited: a Freescale tablet concept, the one that gets pictured below. This design is all about multimedia and professional audio features and it comes with modular docking stations, useful for “specialised connectivity”.

The tablet provides HDMI, composite, VGA and component connections, plus Ethernet and USB. This is the “Home Bar” version we’re talking about, while the “Pro Custom Audio Bar” supports MIDI, XLR and S/PDIF connectivity, that allow it to interface with a synth, DJ system or turntable, as shown in the image below.

These connections are in the dock, so you can detach the tablet from it and use it like any other device of this kind, until you feel the need for some professional connectivity. Thumbs up for Freescale’s tablet design!

[via Slashgear]