Sony Wrist Computer is an Incredible Design of the Year 2020

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At this point it doesn’t seem at all incredible to wear a PC around your wrist, specially with the current technology developments. However, Hiromi Kiriki created a concept that totally blew our mind, the Sony Nextep Computer, that can be worn on the wrist, detached and turned into a brilliant PC, as you can see in the following pictures.

This concept computer is based on a fleixble OLED touchscreen and there’s also a holographic projector in the mix, to replace the screen. Extra keyboard panels will pull out from the device and social networking is also among the features.

A wearable computer sounds a bit sci-fi, but think about Microsoft Surface and how it would have sounded like back in 90s… Thumbs up, to the designer of the Sony device!

[via Yanko Design]

  • Tina Allman

    Oh my god! Simply stunning. Why oh why do we get tempted with such delights and then suffer awaiting the feast. Bring it on sooner please.

  • quite nice and cool. but will it affect our wrist and body health?

  • hannah mae a.

    Oh my G!!!!!! i want this! this is so cool! hehe

  • Troll


  • sanjay.shah

    Do not belive this type posible

  • sanjay.shah

    Thank’s for sonyif any new prouct lunch send photo and dital’s

  • Lauren Mitchell

    Everyone wants to be me but they cant because I’m Lauren Mitchell and I’m famous.

  • chris

    OMG !!!!!!!! i want it !!!!

  • Anonymous

    i’m going to buy one of these my friends will be blown away…