Bang & Olufsen G1 is a New Fashionable Media Phone

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Designer Michael Muleba is back, this time with a fashionable media phone, the Bang & Olufsen G1. The device is made of premium materials, it’s resilient to the elements and it has some very originals materials used for its case. Let’s check it out.

First of all, the handset’s shell is covered in cloth or nylon, with a texture that increases the grippy feel. It also has a wavy base metal at the bottom, with smart speakers. It constantly checks its surroundings and applies volume tweaks automatically, without needing volume buttons. There’s also a B&O logo that lights up and also acts as the power button.

We’ve got facial recognition and a lossless audio player, plus some badass speakers to make the B&O name proud. I love the expanded scree on the faced, extended pas the normal frame of the phone like an UFO if you will. The camera integration makes me think of the LG V40 somehow. Not very sure that the cloth material will make people happy, since it’s prone to getting wet, maybe even torn and damp.

Dampness so close to the face? Not a good idea. It may be a special type of cloth though… By the way loving the inclusion of Hans Zimmer on that playlist! I have a gut feeling that this baby comes with 4 speakers.

[via Michael Muleba]

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