EmoPulse Smile Smartphone Bracelet Looks Promising, is Almost Real

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I have to admit that bracelet phones haven’t appeared on our website for a long, long while, so we’re happy to have stumbled upon the EmoPulse Smile model, shown below. This is a smartphone you can wear on your wrist like a bracelet and it’s in crowdfunding phase right now.


The project was posted on Indiegogo and the device is supposed to be able to read your mood, monitor what you eat and also check out your health. The company EmoPulse is behind the bracelet phone, that can serve as a virtual wallet and it comes with 4G connectivity, an OMAP 5 processor and 128/256 GB of flash storage. There’s USB 3.0 and Thunderbolt as well, plus the product is said to be running on Linux.

You can preorder the Smile for $300, in the 128 GB version and you should know that this concept has 2 GB of RAM, WiFi, FM radio, GPS and the screen is a 2x FOLED unit. Other feats include wireless charging and 9 megapixel cameras. Do you think this product will ever make it to the market?

[via Emopulse]

  • Mabrams2212

    I’m sorry, but I don’t think people are ready for this, let alone the technology isn’t. Even in the promotional video (which by the way is the only video available……..anywhere) its huge a gaudy. Its unattractive and will go with nothing you wear. Because thats what it will come down to isn’t it? What it will match? There is more of a practical application for the military I would say. There are smart watches out currently (Pebble, Metawatch, iMwatch) and all of these hit the ground with a lot of problems, and they are relatively simple concepts!We are supposed to believe that a developer out of Delaware has something like this figured out? Need more evidence!

  • EGL

    Great teck But u may becume an target becuse amost everyone wil sonee it on you and in school ppl wil try to breack it and the worst is it
    work on ANDRIOD :'(

  • David

    I didn’t find the 300 USD version, in the web page the preorder is for 550 USD, and there is only one product, not 2 o 3 options. Where i can buy the 128g version for 300?

  • lucas

    Hey,David did u buy the watch?, what is pretty order mean?,I’m trying to contact them via phone number. To make sure that this is not scam..tomorrow Monday I will call the better business bureau.