Speak To Me Concept Watch Phone is Hot, a Must-Have Fashion Accessory

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Decent watch phones are one in a million, but one of those rare gadgets it the Speak To Me concept, designed by Nicolas Nicolaou. This stylish device is a wrist watch that also possesses mobile phone features and a touchscreen. Speak To Me also features vocal recognition and a scrolling function that allows you to switch between apps and options.



The concept watch phone also packs a camera, that allows the user to take photos and immediately send them to other devices. The on-screen icons of the handset show that it also comes with Internet support, email, Bluetooth and alerts. I wonder if it features an MP3 or video player and how much storage space is available…

What do you think? Is this product viable? I’m tempted to say yes, specially if a company like LG or Sony Ericsson takes it up.







[via Tuvie]


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