Yet Another XPERIA X2 Concept, This Time With Symbian S60 Touch Flavour

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I guess I can say that the XPERIA X2 is no longer a mystery to me, since I’ve seen at least 10 concepts of this device. One would think the designers enjoy creating Android G2 concepts, but the XPERIA has something magical about it, that makes concept creators become inspired.

This is FlamEmo’s second concept phone and the Esato user did something unique, by implementing the Symbian S60 touch platform on the X2.


Well, at least theoretically he did, as the interface reminds me of the Android OS. It could be the S60 with an Android-like skin… who knows. Spec(ulation)s? Touchscreen surely, huge internal memory, decent camera (hopefully 8 megapixel) and tons of stuff you’ve seen on the Nokia N97 specs list.

[via Esato]