Fujitsu Concept Phones Part 6: Cool Fashion Phone With a Sharp Design

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Technologically advanced concept phones are all the rage nowadays, specially at Fujitsu’s booth during CEATEC 2009, but we sometimes stop and have a look at beautiful fashion handsets, like the one pictured below. Its keypad shape sort of reminds me of an Christmas tree decoration…


Although we have no info on this Fujitsu concept phone, we can dare to speculate and assume it’s a luxury handset, with a touchscreen display and a numeric keypad that hopefully won’t break in your pocket. The device seems rather fragile and slim, but it should be meant to reach a lady’s purse, so it’s quite OK.

I’m wondering who likes sharp edges on a phone, specially considering the feeling of such a device in a pocket. Is the keyboard foldable into something less likely to poke you while walking?



[via Concept Phones]