Android Gaming Smartphone Provides Both a Touch Experience and Gaming Controls

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It’s been a while since we’ve seen a console concept, so it’s a pleasure for me to give you the Android portable game console with Android on board. This design created by Ndrews comes with a HDMI port, a touchscreen display that’s probably above 4 inches in diagonal and also some gaming controls of the physical kind.

As far as I can see, the gaming controls from the sides can be flipped to the back of the touchscreen, turning it back into a handset. There’s a special area at the back, under the screen/battery zone where the controllers are integrated for a smoother waistline of the device. Thus, we don’t get a bulky phone and we get top notch gaming. I can see some shoulder buttons here, the famous D Pad, some action buttons and of course touch controls.

Not sure what the battery life of this device will be or its processor choice, but I’m hoping Tegra 3 and at least a 3000 mAh unit, if possible, for lots of gaming.

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  • consider am/fm radio and mobile tv please, Perfect!.

  • :)Ya tnx!, THRYSTAN, i call this powerful concept as the INTEGRATED PSP INFINITE, u can see the idea of infinite as shown. that way i called. & ofcourse infinite gaming exp… (i prepare 8gb stability system hardware! 8gb! of phone,mem,mhz….is that brilliant?!…Mr GOD?, I HOPE HE’S LISTENING THIS!.,YAH WE’RE ALL GODS!, GOD DO THIS!, IM BEGGING YOU!, GODSPEED;)

  • making it 16-32gb, i mean how many is 16-32gb phone memory in mhz of ram drive, like that.