HTC Cemile 1080p Display Phone Runs Android 4.0 With HTC Sense 4.0

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Hasan Kaymak is back in 2012 with a new design, the one of the HTC concept phone called Cemile. HTC Cemile uses a full HD 1920 x 1080 pixel display with a 4.8 inch diagonal, thus becoming the largest Android smartphone out there, unless you count the Galaxy Note as a handset.

This concept HTC also comes with a 16 megapixel camera with dual LED flash, a front 2 megapixel camera, NFC support, Bluetooth 4.0 and Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich with HTC Sense UI 4.0. The phone relies on a 2500mAh Li-Akku battery for juicing up the machine and the specs list also includes HSPA+ connectivity, LTE, WiFi 802.11 b/g/n and 60GHz support (a new wireless technology). HTC Cemile adopts a metallic case as chassis and it provides 32GB of flash memory for storage purposes.

It also has changeable virtual buttons, that are easy to tweak, courtesy of a special feature from HTC. The handset also gets Wide IO Mobile RAM, a next generation 30nm type of RAM memory, with 50% less power usage compared to the equivalent DDR2 sticks. Also you must know that Cemile is supposed to ship with Beats Audio with Solo earphones. I imagine that the design of this device is pretty thin, looking at this pictures, something like 8mm or so. Fancy this smartphone?

[via HTC Concepts]

  • Angels

    Nice phone when will it reach africa

  • Bill

    i do not like sense. it is getting really tired and as much as I love your effort, would it be possible to differentiate this from other HTC’s which…let’s face it, all look the same with Sense on it. HTC need a new UI design team, like IOS, it is looking really tired and the weather widget needs a complete facelift now, it’s 5 years old already and while your at it, change the colour of the wallpaper, again it just looks too tired and boring now. I sincerely hope sense 4.0 is a complete user interface change along with the next iterations of touchwiz and IOS 6, or 2012 will be an extremely dull year. Trust me, the interface/usability are EVERYTHING, static grid icons need to die.

  • Marcus

    Come on, it’s 2012! Nothing New, nothing Mind blowing, the Design is that same as ALWAYS! HTC Chat is a iMessage Ripoff! What happened to when concepts were “Amazing” now it’s just about Design, and Nothing else! The OS matters Also! This is Concept Phones not, The same boring phone as Always..

    P.S. I could of sworn the Customizeable Gestures idea was someone’s else’s..

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  • Kevin

    Aside from the Imessage ripoff comment, I have to agree. This isn’t anything new, this is just dull to the core. I’m sorry, this is not a concept, rather this should be something from 2008-9. I do not really see anything new technologically that screams wow, the Sense UI is just overdone to death and if HTC think they can rip us off again in 2012 for the same designed interface, they will lose customers. The menu system looks about 3 and a half years old now, IOS is around 5 years old and WP7 already looks to one dimensional with the stocky souless tiles that grace the menu screen. Honestly guys, when designing a concept, take some cues from TATMOBILUI or have some new interface not done before. The user experience counts as much as anything else, look at how SE are giving thier music player interface an overhaul, it looks like something fit for 2012 with the graphics in the background and text in the foreground, similar to Android 4.0. This is just plain awful, you want an honest opinion, I am giving you an honest opinion with constructive criticism. Honestly, the designs bar a few on this site lately have been dreadful and lack vision.

  • @Bill

    Oh, great idea! I’ll work on a new UI for HTC with Android Support! Thank you all for the comments. 🙂

  • @Markus
    P.S. I could of sworn the Customizeable Gestures idea was someone’s else’s..

    No, I don’t know, maybe s.o. like me had the idea too. But I haven’t stolen this idea. I was thinking of doing a new thing for this design, and saw that the virtual buttons of the new Android Version doesn’t look great with my design. So I created some virtual buttons, which were changeable…

  • @Bill

    I’m working on a new style of SENSE UI for HTC Smartphones. I posted my first example of the new UI. It shows an editable status bar with allthing 😉 Look in it.

  • Marcus

    Although the OS idea is’s bland, it’s rough, HTC Sense was “The Stuff” when it came out. It was beautiful, it was top of the Line. It was a true iPhone Killer, but this…it makes me want Windows 7 Mobile. I do think it’s good you take, and accept critique.

  • Bill

    @ Hasan, thanks for the reply and it’s good to know you accept criticism well. Your design is beautiful, the inclusion of the Sense UI is awful, though by no means is this a fault of your own, it is HTC’s for making the same look for the past 4 years now. I’ve seen your facebook postings and liked what I saw, how about a 3d like cubic interface or where you can access the menu by touching both sides of the phone and the screen reacts to the touch by moving toward the user 3D style when you touch the battery cover, that would be a niche idea. Either way, both of our ideas are better than HTC’s. Thanks for the suggestions by the way, HTC and Samsung could do with hiring you to design thier interfaces and most importantly, designs which you excel at!

  • Sick. I want one already. When is this thing coming out?