Gamer Phone Inspires LG’s Design Team

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While Sony and Samsung are showing us concepts and patents of their future gaming phones, Nokia’s still perfecting that N-GAGE platform and seemingly there’s no other competitor in this console/handset niche. Thank God for concepts, then! What you can see below is Gamer Phone, designed by RKS Design in order to “inspire LG’s internal design teams” as they state.


This beauty resembles the PSP a bit, only that it’s thinner and the display goes deeper into the body of the handset, plus it’s a touchscreen. Just hope that it comes with a neat and user-friendly interface, but for now I’m just wondering how am I going to hold this device pressed to my ear when I’m on the phone. Oh well, I’ll just use a headset…

[via RKS Design]

  • Lil_Shawtae

    when will i be able to buy this phone ? how much and where ?

  • Thrystan

    It’s just a concept for now… We’ll let you know if it ever gets launched.

  • need 2 know

    i’m only 14 and i’ve hated touch phones all my life but now i love it plz if it comes out could u sent it 2 my e-mail and tell me the price and where.

  • taylor

    i really think that this phone should be released as all the comments are impling they would buy one therfore this phone would make more money than it would cost to design and make it.. 🙂