Gaming Phone Sketch by Setsu Takes Me Back to the PSP Phone Days

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I always have a bout of nostalgia when seeing gaming phones, the ones with a part that slides below the screen. This time we’ve been sent one such concept, courtesy of a Setsu, a new company working on a new type of device. We see if there’s room for such a gaming phone nowadays after looking at the sketches below.

Setsu is a brand new company and they’ve developed the Setsu Apex, a gaming phone, that has physical buttons and runs on Windows 10. The majority of the Setsu Apex features have been finalised, but the product is still in early development, so that’s why we only get sketches. What we’re seeing here fits the general description of a gaming phone. We’ve got the sliding part that looks like a Wiimote, complete with action buttons, a D Pad and two thumbsticks, plus generous dual speakers on the sides.

A camera also is revealed when doing the sliding motion and judging by the looks of the device and the two speaker integration upfron, it feels a bit like an old school HTC. I’m still not sure if it all slides, or it’s just attached via a sort of hinge that makes it fold and move a bit. I’m digging the HTC + Wiimote vibe and I’m sure we’ll hear more about the company.

Also, I know many talented designers area reading this, so you may want to lend a hand to the company, in order for them to finalize the renders and 3D versions of the phone.

[via Setsu]

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