iPhone X Flex Shows Some Apple Love for Foldables (Video)

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If you’ve had enough of Samsung and Microsoft foldable phones, you may want the Apple version of it. Thus, here comes the iPhone X Flex, courtesy of Techconfigurations. It goes to great lengths to also deliver an iPad experience and has an in display fingerprint scanner.

The iPhone X Flex manages to stay slim and stylish in spite of actually being two phones tuck together. It also gets a triple camera and I love how it looks in the unfolded iPad Mode. That one triggers an 8 inch 4K HDR display, which would much battery like Pac Man for sure. The curved edge that serves as the hinge is actually a nice idea and I see that the stainless steel frame is still present.

A laptop mode is also demoed, with one screen being the actual display and the other a keyboard. There’s an Apple A13 CPU, 8 GB of RAM and once the two screen parts are hooked up, there seems to be no seam here. A patented concealed hinge is excellently implemented, so much so that I fear some real device maker would steal it. The only thing lacking here is an Apple Pencil maybe and perhaps a more visible front camera.

iPhone X Flex has a left side that feels like the Nokia Lumia 800 and the right side is curvy like the Galaxy S8 and S9. I have a good feeling about this format.

[via Techconfigurations]

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