Chrome Phone Sketch May Predict What Comes at I/O 2014

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In just a few hours we’ll get to witness the debut of Google I/O 2014, where Chrome is said to unify with Android and play a big part in the future strategy of Google. Well, we’ve also stumbled upon a Google Chrome Phone concept, shown below.

chrome phone concept

Mind you, this is just a sketch created by Prem Kumar and only a preliminary design. The mockup and design are in progress right now and I can’t wait to see the finalized result. How about a web phone? A handset with web apps and Chrome extensions? And how about a Chrome phone that’s always connected? All of these things may happen at some point, but Google must be careful not to cannibalize the Androids.

They should be careful with that, particularly since they’re canning the Nexus series in favour of Android Silver. I like the simplicity I’m seeing in this sketch and check out this idea: everything is for free, the phone, the WiFi connections it uses, everything. Even the apps. However, Google will include ads in the experience and make them more or less obtrusive. How does this future sound?

[via Google+]

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