Windows Phone 9 or Just the Best Android Launcher Ever?

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David Lopez Pitoko has either created the perfect Windows Phone 9 render or the ideal Android launcher/theme… I can’t decide which one, but I just had to show you this UI design applied on a mystery LG device.

Windows Phone 9 concept LG

That handset has a LG G3 vibe, but it may be a simple placeholder. Anyway, the designer relies on tiles here, which is what made me believe the Windows Phone 9 theory. The tiles are transparent and the colors are more faded than the usual strong WP hues. Also, the presence of Gmail and Google Search as well as Google+ tells us we are actually dealing with an Android theme, since Microsoft doesn’t offer much Google support on Windows Phone.

It’s interesting to see that when the first Metro UI iteration was out and when Windows 8 came out, everyone was hating tiles. Now anyone who’s not Microsoft and uses tiles on Android, webOS, Sailfish, iOS, whatever is praised for that. Are we hating on tiles because of Microsoft alone? I for one totally dig this design!

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