Fresh Video Shows Project Ara Prototype Running Android (Video)

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We covered Project Ara, the famous modular phone from Google a few times, but we’ve waited till things got even more serious, before covering it again. That day has come and you can check out the device below, as it’s being developed.

phonebloks ara prototype

This modular phone concept has being detailed and flipped on all sides in the vid, courtesy of a Boston contractor called NK Labs. They even show the device powered on and running Android and give us details about some of its chips and their positioning within the modular mechanism. The video was posted by the Phonebloks website and certainly its greatest part is the end, where we see the first Project Ara prototype phone getting modular pieces attached and then running Android.

This model is Spiral 1 and Spiral 2 will also bring Toshiba made pieces, according to NK Labs. Big things will happen in January, when there are two Ara conferences scheduled. The possibilities here are endless and this is just the start of a product that will change the world of telecom forever.

Project Ara phone back

[via Android Central]

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