Google Pixel 2 Rendered by Babak Soren, Just as First Rumors Appear

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Just as the end of January brought us rumors that the Google Pixel 2 will have an even better camera, today we score the first render of the device. Of course it’s fan made, but it’s well made, which is what interests us. Here’s the creation of Babak Soren.

The reports say that Google’s been handing out prototypes, including Qualcomm Snapdragon 83X chipsets, 6 GB of RAM and a much better camera. They’re not adding extra megapixels, but instead they rely on machine learning for better photos. The price is about to get even more premium, as a hike of $50 is rumored. Now as far as the design is concerned, Babak Soren integrates a curved glass panel upfront.

It’s also an edge to edge screen, reminding me of the Xiaomi Mi MIX. The back side hasn’t changed from the first Pixel, but we seem to be getting a dual camera this time. The facade is truly amazing, like a hybrid of the Mi MIX and the Galaxy S8. Such a combo of glass and metal with such beauty is very rarely seen. If HTC pulls this off, they probably also have a very cool flagship of their own coming.

[via dkaaren]

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