Google Pixel 5a Rendered by @OnLeaks: Nothing New…

Possibly the last leak of the winter comes today from @OnLeaks, who shows us the Google Pixel 5a. Pixel 5 had us scratching our heads, because it didn’t have a flagship CPU, so the Pixel 5a may even lower on the food chain. Pixel 5 didn’t get much love and neither did the Pixel 4a, so we can’t help but wonder if this device makes sense or not.

@OnLeaks aka Steve Hemmerstoffer claims that the device will have an unibody plastic design, with an 8.8 mm waistline. It measures 9.4 mm with the rear camera bump. The design looks like the Pixel 5, only longer by 2.3 mm and 0.8 mm narrower. It’s also 0.6 mm thicker and has a different Power button design. It does look more like a Pixel 4a 5G rather than the Pixel 5. The display is a 6.2 inch OLED Full HD+ panel with thin bezels and forehead, but also a rather larger chin.

There’s a 3.5 mm audio jack on board, a rear fingerprint sensor and stereo speakers. Camera-wise, there’s a dual lens camera setup with an extra unknown sensor, most likely a sort of PDAF or LiDAR. A single punch hole selfie camera is placed upfront. I can’t quite envision a selling point here, except for maybe some cool processing algorithms for photos, Astro Photography modes, new Portrait modes or new AI features. Google always likes to throw in an an extra AI feature for photos and videos.

However, that’s inaugurated on a flagship like Pixel 6, not on a device branded “a”.

via OnLeaks

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