Google Pixel Fold Leaks With Very Slim Hinge, Some Galaxy Fold Influences

We’re just days away from the big unveiling of the Google Pixel 7a and the Google Pixel Fold and leaks are upon us. Google will be holding the I/O event on May 10th, focused on Android 14 among others and till then we have the Google Pixel Fold leaked here in images.

Now let’s talk about the design. The device is very much like a Samsung Galaxy Z Fold and it’s no wonder, since most components come from Samsung. We have the screens from Samsung, the CPU is inspired by Exynos and probably the hinge mechanism also comes from the South Korean company. The big thing here is that the hinge is very slim and the selfie camera isn’t cut in the screen, but rather cut above the main panel.

The bezels of the foldable screen are very large, to be honest, while the curved of the external ones scream “Samsung”. There will be a gap between the two halves, but a small one. Samsung’s rivals like Honor, OPPO, Xiaomi have gotten rid of the gap. Samsung will as well, on the Z Fold 5. Evan Blass unveiled that the Pixel Fold will be 5.5 inches tall and it will measure half an inch thick when folded.

When unfolded, the phone will be only 0.2 inches thick. There’s a 9.5 MP front camera with 84 degree field of view, plus an extra 8 MP camera inside. The device is expected to have an IPX8 water resistance and it should come in Obsidian or Porcelain. Priced at $1799 apparently.

via Yanko Design

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