What Comes After Android L? Android 5.1 Malteser, Apparently

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The folks of The Techno Toast don’t mess around when they create software concepts and this one here is a selection of renders for the Android after the L version. I sure hope the designers mentioned above won’t mind that I’ve chopped up their work into pieces, so the public can enjoy it better below.

android 5.1 malteser concept 1

So, after all the minimalist, high battery life and high performance of Android L comes a red Android. It’s dubbed Android 5.1 Malteser in the case of this concept and it’s “designed to feel chocolatey”, according to those who made it. It also introduces some new ideas to Android, like support for Android tablets with Intel quad core processors, compatibility with full Windows desktop programs like Steam or Illustrator for example.

There’s also 64 bit support, allowing up to 16 GB of RAM, a new “swipe anywhere” lockscreen and a homescreen without a dock. The dock has moved to the notification shade and we’ve got a new status bar and navbars that will always autohide. The OS is much cleaner and it seems based on various flavours of red and white. It feels like Christmas has come early…

android 5.1 malteser concept 2

android 5.1 malteser concept 3

[via Deviantart]

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