Google Galaxy Phone and HP Hunter Prototype Are Ideal as 2017 Android and Windows 10 Flagships

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The same designer Mr. Vero who created some nifty Windows 10 concepts recently is back with one more, this time a HP machine, a prototype called HP Hunter. The device is pictured below and it’s joined by a Google Galaxy model, supposed to be some sort of Samsung Galaxy S Nexus spinoff.


The HP Hunter prototype phone has some pretty big antenna lines at the back, but also a very narrow set of bezels for the screen. It opts for a totally atypical Home button, perhaps also integrating the fingerprint scanner and that’s in spite of also having a virtual Home button. When shown in the user’s hand it feels like a fluid fit, a great piece of ergonomical design, but that doesn’t mean that Windows 10 Phones are doomed anyway…


Then comes the Google Galaxy, which is basically what a Galaxy Note 8 will look like, if it ever gets made. It’s got the roundness, but it’s also rather big. Seeing how it bears the Google logo it may feel a bit like a Pixel, or a Nexus or whatever, but we do like experiments here. While the HP phone was angular, this is a more rounded affair, both in corners and edges of the screen.

If it has a grippy metal frame, it’ll also provide a nice way to hold it, otherwise it’s a slippery bar of soap.


[Thanks Mr. Vero]

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