iPhone 8 Gets Breath of Novelty, With 6.5 mm Thin Chassis, 6 Inch Version (Video)

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Designer Armend Lleshi is back, this time with an Apple iPhone concept. It’s the iPhone 8 so many people are speculating about and something tells me that leaks won’t do this model no justice anytime soon. Anyways, he proposes a bigger iPhone 8 Plus, a 6 incher this time.


The iPhone 8 shown here has a full front edge screen, 4K resolution and dual speakers at the bottom. Of course there’s no audio jack and the chassis is 6.5 mm thin this time. The product weighs a mere 115 grams and comes with a 16 megapixel main camera and an 8 MP FaceTime cam. There’s wireless charging included finally and a Home Button with fingerprint scanner on the right side this time.


One can enable or disable the software Home button. The core of the body format is kept from the iPhone 7 and we also get iOS 11 here and the Apple A11 CPU, as predicted. Storage is up to 256 GB and RAM gets to 4 GB. The battery is a rather modest 2600 mAh somehow and a cool new feature is the fact that the Apple logo at the back works as a secondary screen, showing the battery indicator, plus it also works as notification indicator.

The iPhone 8 is available in black, white, gold, rose gold or a hue called “wine”.











[Thanks Armend Lleshi]

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