Android G3 aka HTC Hero Gets Leaked, Spy Shot Style!

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Just as HTC Dream G1 was becoming a hit, we showed you many concepts of a possible G2 and now HTC Magic (G2) is available almost anywhere in Europe, so it’s time to have a look at the G3. Surprisingly enough, the device doesn’t even leave enough time for designers to come up with concepts, as it gets leaked and pictured in the images below.


Known as HTC Hero, this new Android device comes without a trackball, with 5 hardware buttons below the touchscreen and a 3.5mm headphone jack on top, in order to solve the complaints of the general public. No detailed info on the device’s specs yet, but we can notice that the G3 is a tad less thicker than the other Android phones.

Could this be a major winner when it comes out?


[via SlashPhone]