Hasan Kaymak Teases 2016 Bezel-Free Smartphone That Outclasses HTC One M10

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We know Hasan Kaymak from his many HTC concept phones, particularly a beautiful HTC One M10. Well, he’s ready to top that design with the following render below. This model is one of his own brand handsets, a so called HKI Phone, that’s meant to be a 2016 flagship.

hasan kaymak 2016 phone teaser

All we have is a teaser for now, but HTC influences are clear. The device adopts a bezel-free approach and seeing the powerful light coming out of the front Home button area, I’m expecting a potent selfie camera, that scans the iris and also involves a flash. Seeing how the blood vessels in our eyes become very visible with the proper exposure, this camera may also aid the handset measure blood pressure. Of course, putting the camera below the display would be a bit strange.

In the end it could just be a Home button with a twist. The design is clearly composed of glass and metal and the UI feels a bit like HTC Sense, but with more transparency. What do you think of this beautiful concept?

[via Hasan Kaymak Innovations]

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