HTC 10 Promotional Video Leaks, Showing Handset in Full Official Form

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We’re hours away from the big day of the unveiling of the HTC 10, the new flagship belonging to the creator of the Vive, One M series and Desire series. We’ve seen a ton of leaks and the one below is probably the last, ahead of the big unveiling moment. Thus, let’s enjoy an official-looking promo video that popped online.

htc 10 last leak april 2016 (5)

Only minor details can surprise us here, like the ridges on the physical buttons or the fact the volume button, Power button and one of the slots are so close together. Those angled and shiny bezels are still here, shiny as ever and I look forward to hearing HTC design experts explaining why they opted for this approach. They look horrible, by the way.

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The Power of 10 promotional video shows the handset being cut out of a block of metal, which highlights the aluminum unibody build of the device. The video also shows that diamond cutting is involved. The main camera protrudes a bit and next to is the laser focus of the camera. The back seems curved and the earpiece and front camera are indeed huge, as rumored…

I am still underwhelmed.

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