HTC 100 Concept by Eli Verenich is Back, This Time With a Video

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A few weeks ago we showed you the HTC 100 concept, with a very sleek design and feeling like a more premium HTC Desire, if we can say that. Designer Eli Verenich did a fine job then and now his render is getting a video, courtesy of Mesut G.

HTC 100 concept Eli Verenich 1

HTC 100 is a basic handset with a soft touch texture back and what seems to be a side Power button with a fingerprint scanner. The back camera flash is very discrete, too discrete maybe and the whole design takes me back to that feminine HTC Rhyme a bit. This model brings a new 20 megapixel camera, with sapphire lens cover and upfront there’s still an Ultrapixel selfie shooter.

HTC 100 concept Eli Verenich 2

HTC 100 comes With Uh Oh protection and the famous HTC Themes, letting you pick colors and apply themes to your device. This concept HTC smartphone was made in 3D Max and Photoshop, in case you’re wondering. The front side BoomSound speakers seem to be gone, in favour of a single front side speaker.

[via Behance]

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