HTC Eagle is a Render Focused on Screen Protection; Titanium, Teflon and Gold Involved

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Cristophe Simeon has created a few interesting smartphone renders in the past and now he’s back with an interesting model dubbed HTC Eagle. This device is focused on innovation in the area of materials used and screen protection.


The designer claims that the handsets usually end up with broken screens because of shock propagation in metallic body smartphones. That’s why he designed a system of retractable arms/feet for the phone, with 2 titanium wires in a teflon sheet. The idea is to prevent scratches on a flat surface and the screen of the HTC Eagle is recessed 1 mm from the edges.


This HTC concept has the ability to choose a custom shortcut for the lower areas. There’s also a water resistant case here and a rubber border for this HTC render. The name Eagle comes as a tribute to the lunar exploration module of the Apollo missions. The Teflon sheets are gold treated for this reason. Overall, the handset looks like an evolution of the HTC One, only wider and with a different edge.

[Thanks Cristophe Simeon]

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