HTC New Eden 1 Concept is a Sturdy Device With Aluminum Body

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Jason Wang is back with a new HTC Concept phone, the New Eden 1, pictured below. We’re talking about a sturdy aluminum case handset, that’s able to face both damage and fingerprints intact. It comes with a 4 inch qHD AMOLED display with a curved glass, that’s a tribute to the Dell Venue phones.

Capacitive buttons are placed below the screen and we have to mention that the HTC New Eden 1 is a dual core TI OMAP 4 1.2GHz smartphone, that uses 1GB of RAM. The result is a gadget that’s thinner than the iPhone 4, at a mere 9.1mm. At the back you’ll find a 16 megapixel Sony camera module, with LED flash, while at the front there’s a classic 1.3 megapixel camera.

You can use up to 64GB of microSD memory on this phone, that comes with 16GB of internal memory and a 1700 mAh battery. Wonder if Sony would ever agree to supply camera sensors to HTC, especially with the rumored partnership they have with Apple.

[via Yanko Design]

  • Mobilemaster Sealblaighter

    Awesome concept!!! HTC see this, and make this phone, and you will be the new king of Android!! 🙂 :->

  • 16 MP CAM? Wow. I had to go back and re-read that to make sure I was seeing correctly. I do like the aluminum body. Durability is always a plus.

  • Current Mobile Phones like this proposal are clunky, ergonomic failures. HTC’s phone here still lacks what I call “tactile correctness”. That is that it cannot be operated with one hand comfortably. I took a stab at redesigning this type of mobile phone platform myself awhile back. There’s lots of flexible phone concepts on the internet, however, my solution is a hard, rigid, durable phone that changes shape in you pocket using your own body heat. This controlled bending of delicate flexible screens and electronic components would solve many things like garment pocket comfort, tactile egonomics and may allow phone mfgrs to bring their existing flexible screen patents and technologies to market in 18 months, not 3-5 years as they currently project. If you have an interest, feel free to view my idea Here. Thanks for any feedback! Cheers.