HTC Flexible Phone Design Borrows Its Format to LG, Motorola and Even Apple

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Sent to us by Afshin Khademi Parvin, the following concept phone is said to be a HTC, but its flexible format may also be adopted by the likes of LG, Motorola and even Apple. The handset doesn’t exactly have a name and it’s an 8 shaped piece of wonder, that has strangely placed capacitive buttons.

HTC concept 8 shape 1

The UI seems to include BlinkFeed, as shown here, with a bit more personalization. The Android buttons are Back, Home and Menu and they’re placed on the side, when looking at the phone in portrait mode. The notifications and quick settings are also placed on the side, also when seem from the portrait. The phone’s back texture looks very nice and there’s a slight leathery texture here, combined with a wooden vibe.

This HTC flexible phone has one of the best looking series of volume buttons I’ve seen in a long while, although they stick out a bit too much. There are also BoomSound speakers here and a variety of colors for the case. The unit integrates a 5.5 inch display and can be customized by the user as he pleases. For those wondering, the concept phone was created in Rhino, Keyshot and Photoshop.

HTC concept 8 shape 2

HTC concept 8 shape 3

HTC concept 8 shape 4

HTC concept 8 shape 5

HTC concept 8 shape 6

[via afshin khademi parvin]

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