HTC Flow Smart TV Concept Sounds Appealing, Looks Predictable (Video)

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If you’re sick of the same old HTC tablet and handset concepts, here’s a new one: a HTC television set design. The device is called HTC Flow and it’s a Smart TV that pretty much adopts the design of the HTC One and the One series.


This means you get the same metallic body and BoomSound side speakers. The name “Flow” comes from the flow of information arriving on the smartphones and also present on the TV screen. You can either use a remote in tandem with the TV, or a smartphone or simply a device that’s compatible with it. When you boot the TV and a device is connected to it, you’ll see the general content of the connected device, family timetable and music saved on the internal hard drive.

The HTC Smart TV is compatible with Google Play Store and you also use apps like Maps, Flow Family and Galleries on this TV. WiFi is also available, as well as support for Google Search, Skype, widgets and more. HTC Flow has 3 versions: 22 inch 300 GB one, a 750 GB 42 incher and a 1 TB 52 incher. There will be a 2K or 4K screen integrated, an 8 ultrapixel camera on board and probably a very good CPU.


[via flow wolf]

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