HTC M8 Mockup is Extremely Convincing

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Straight out of the famous XDA Developers Community comes a brand new HTC M8 mockup. This is expected to be the HTC One 2 and the designer, forum member Hamdir did a very fine job here. He took all the leaks and speculations about this model and turned them into a believable concept.

HTC One 2 render XDA 1

He did perform some modifications compared to the leaked pics, by leaving out capacitive buttons and replacing them with virtual ones. As you can see we’ve got a dual flash at the back and the LEDs are differently colored, like on the iPhone 5S. The general format of the HTC One 2 is pretty much the same as the one of the predecessor, only this time we get a dual back camera and the sensors are moved next to the front cam.

HTC One 2 render XDA 2

The dual back camera is said to use technology just like Lytro and below you can also check out a render of the HTC Sense 6.0, also done by the same designer. The icons are the same, but the signal/WiFi/battery area is now totally white and the symbols have been slimmed down a bit. Speaking of slimming, notice how the HTC M8 screen bezels are smaller than the HTC One’s…

HTC Sense 6 HTC One 2 concept

[via XDA Developers]

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