HTC Nexus 5P Sailfish Now Has 4 New Renders, in Black, Red, White and Gray

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This week brought us the first plausible render of the HTC Nexus 5P, aka the Sailfish, that apparently shares the design traits with the other new HTC Nexus, Marlin. Today we get color variations of the Sailfish and a new view angle.

HTC Nexus 5P Sailfish black

The device is rendered by a Reddit user in gray, white, red and black and the name Nexus 5P is for the first time confirmed. The device gets to keep the one third back side made of glass, gets a huge fingerprint scanner and a surprisingly small camera area. The 3 small holes next to the camera are weird to me, but they could just be strong microphones.

HTC Nexus 5P Sailfish gray

There’s something that doesn’t exactly feel finished here and the only way to explain the huge area of glass at the back is the inclusion of extra cameras, sensors and depth modules like on the Project Tango devices. Expect more leaks and renders soon!

HTC Nexus 5P Sailfish red

HTC Nexus 5P Sailfish white


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